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Criminal charges are not going to go away on their own; they will stay on your record complicating the most important things in your life. When you have criminal charges on your record it can make getting a new job, buying a home, buying a car, getting a mortgage, taking out a loan, investing in a business, and even renting or leasing, very difficult in life. Many people assume that because their charges were dismissed or because they completed a diversionary program, such as Pretrial Intervention or a Conditional Discharge, the offense will not show up on a background check. Invariably, many of our clients soon learn that the records exist and have been accessed by a potential employer or by a mortgage lender. This is why having a clean record is very important. Call Law Offices of Jennifer M. Mendelsohn, LLC today at 201-957-0515 to discuss getting any criminal charges expunged from your record so that you can go on living your life much easier.

What is Expungement?

Your criminal record is not automatically cleared with the passage of time. In New Jersey, an arrest is not expunged unless a court grants an expungement petition. Under New Jersey State law, an expungement of your criminal record means certain records on file with any court, correctional facility, or law enforcement agency are sealed from public access. Records are not destroyed. Specific arrests, charges, or other documents are isolated and redacted. Once an Expungement Petition has been granted by the Court, under most circumstances these matters cannot be disclosed to anyone investigating your background. If you have ever been arrested, call Law Offices of Jennifer M. Mendelsohn, LLC at 201-957-0515 to discuss expungement of your criminal records.

How Long Does it take to Clear a Criminal Record?

In New Jersey, statutory guidelines impose eligibility requirements and waiting periods for when an expungement may be requested or granted by the Court. The NJ Expungement Law was changed on January 13, 2010, to reduce certain waiting periods. The 'Waiting' period you have to meet can vary depending on the type of criminal charges you are trying to get expunged and the sentence the Court imposed. Certain considerations can alter the 'waiting period' and it is critical for you to understand how those considerations apply to your case. Call Law Offices of Jennifer M. Mendelsohn, LLC at 201-957-0515 today to discuss how these changes to the law can benefit you.

Convictions for the Following Crimes are not Eligible for Expungement in NJ:

(1) Criminal Homicide (exception Vehicular Homicide);
(2) Kidnapping; (3) Luring or Enticing;
(4) Aggravated Sexual Assault;
(5) Criminal Sexual Contact if the victim is a minor;
(6) Criminal Restraint;
(7) Robbery;
(8) Endangering the Welfare of a Child (if based on sexual contact or child pornography);
(9) False imprisonment;
(10) Perjury;
(11) False Swearing;
(12) Distribution of Controlled Dangerous Substance or Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances with Intent to Distribute

In addition, the New Jersey Expungement statute does not apply to motor vehicle violations or DWI or DUI. Thus, neither DWI/ DUI or traffic tickets can be expunged.

Information Needed to Get Started

In order to file your New Jersey Expungement Petition, specific information about the offense such as summons or complaint number, arresting agency, criminal charge and corresponding statutory number, arrest date, and disposition in court will need to be obtained. Without this information, the expungement cannot be appropriately filed and, consequently, it will not be granted. Let experienced attorney Jennifer Mendelsohn at Law Offices of Jennifer M. Mendelsohn, LLC guide you in obtaining the necessary information for the filing of your New Jersey Expungement Petition. Call 201-957-0515 today and have peace of mind that you can and will get your life back on track!

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